As an adult, I was self diagnosed with a case of “Summer Teeth”; you know “Sum-mer here and Sum-mer there.” I wasn’t going to wake up one morning, look in the mirror and say, “Finally, my teeth are straight.” I had to make the decision to either deal with covering my mouth every time I laughed or do something about it. For about 3 years I was on an unforgettable journey with the Comizio Orthodontics family and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t really know where to start or when to end with all of the incredible things I would have to say about Comizio. From Elise at the front desk, to Martina to Dr. Comizio, it is just all around flawless/seamless execution of everything a business should be. – Clean facility that smells fantastic when you walk in. – Great transitions from sign in to being called in to being seen to making your next appointment. – Always, always, always on time. Appointment at 2pm? You are seen at 2pm. – Smiles everywhere. Personable people. No one disgruntled/arrogant. – From the first visit, they destroy any insecurities and disarm you with humor because at the end, they are confident that your smile will be perfect. – Honesty, integrity with crystal clear communication of everything that can and will happen at every step of the way. And if all of that isn’t good enough for you, you get a Dr. that actually teaches/lectures other Doctors. To go anywhere else is comical. Now, I am a human billboard for Comizio because I walk around smiling for no apparent reason. I just feel like I am doing the world a favor by showing them my pearly whites. Dr. Comizio, you have completely changed my entire life! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Lou

March 11, 2017

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