To continue to help in efforts to keep everyone healthy, we ask that please, unless absolutely necessary, ONLY PATIENTS ENTER THE OFFICE  FOR THEIR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS, AND THAT FAMILY MEMBERS AND OTHERS REMAIN OUTSIDE THE OFFICE/ IN YOUR CARS.  Anyone with any type of cold or flu symptoms should not enter the office for any reason. We will gladly help to re-schedule a future appointment for ill patients.

As always, our office clinical team is trained and continuously conducts the most comprehensive and highest levels of sterilization, disinfection and precaution in our office. As a reminder, we have temporarily suspended use of the Coffee Station, Patient Check In Screen, Game Room, Magazine Rack, and Water Cooler.  Reception area doors and chairs are being wiped down and sanitized hourly, and hand sanitizer is readily available.

Reminder: Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face, mouth and eyes, cover your mouth and keep a safe distance for now!

Thanks for your understanding, and let’s all stay healthy together!

Keep smiling,

Dr. Joe Comizio, Dr. Sara Sullivan and the Comizio Orthodontics Team