According to Forbes, here are 4 steps to building a great team.

1. Look at the person in the mirror.

As a leader, do you exhibit competence? Are you kind? Do you exemplify work-life balance? The behaviors leaders portray directly affect employee behavior. If a leader is insincere or leads by fear, employees will check out immediately. Start here — it can go a long way.

2. Be the team's biggest cheerleader.

You might be surprised how team mentality can flourish when employees truly believe their leader has their back. On an individual level, this is critical, too — especially for shy or introverted team members. Leaders should be unwavering as their team’s biggest advocate within the organization. Remove every obstacle you can for your team. Empower your employees and set them up for success.

3. Address issues quickly.

Employees spend more time at work than at home, so work should be fun, fulfilling and rewarding. As a leader, you can’t avoid difficult conversations, but you can confront issues immediately to get things back on track as quickly as possible. Be fair and teach your team members to treat issues as a learning process.

4. Show genuine appreciation.

Research shows that 66% of employees are likely to leave their job if they don't feel appreciated. Give credit where credit is due. Figure out new ways to show your appreciation, whether it’s a handwritten card or an extra day off of work.

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